Welcome to the Australian UCP [Universal Conscious Practice] website!


UCP is the most effective meditation or self-help technique I have encountered in a long life of searching.


UCP compares to other meditation practices like a Rolls Royce compares to a donkey cart with square wheels!


I kid you not!

For the first time in recorded history we have a technique that enables anyone to reliably achieve enlightenment in less than a lifetime (approximately 300 hours in fact!).


All that is required is to learn the techhnique and then actually use it!


All the resources and infomation you need to do UCP are here on this website. I have tried to set up the site so that learning to do UCP is as easy as possible.


I hope that this site can be a centre for those practicing and learning about UCP to meetup, communicate and help one another with the technique.


I am happy to freely Witness or give personal instruction in UCP for anyone in the Sydney area. I am also happy to help anyone anywhere over the internet or phone.


I can be reached on

Mob: 0403966139

Best wishes for a enlightened community,


Justin White

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New to UCP? Follow these 3 Simple Steps to become a UCP master.


STEP 1. Read the following article:
An introduction to UCP written by the developer of the technique - Konchok Penday

STEP 2. Download & print out the UCP Chart of Scales:

Here is a chart the helps you plot your chronic level of awareness as you watch it rise.

lotus"UCP Chart of Scales" html version

lotus"UCP Chart of Scales" Microsoft EXCEL version



You can do UCP solo or with a witness. If you would like to use a witness follow the actions below:

lotusSign the UCP co-witness page. Contact the people already there.

If you cannot find a witness you can download the Virtual Witness program:
lotusDownload the UCP "VIRTUAL WITNESS"
Download the .zip or .sit file so you can install VW on your computer and run it offline

lotusRead the "readme" file first
lotusDo a UCP session right now!


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Other UCP resources


lotusLocal UCP events and workshops


UCP discussion forums:UCP chat room
UCP web based message board

lotusalt.ucp newsgroup (Google groups portal and archive)


UCP chat room:

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lotusAsk a question about UCP


UCP Website Links:

lotusKonchok Penday's UCP site (USA)

lotusOndine Green's UCP site (NewZealand)

lotusAlexander's website in Danish (Denmark)

lotusAlex Yakovlev's UCP site in Russian (Russia)

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